Web Design

Boogaloo likes to follow a structured process in implementing your Web Site.  First we collect information such that we can fully appreciate your needs.  Then using this information we design the site.  Once we have this agreed upon we construct and then deploy your Web Site.

Information Collection & Analysis
To start we sit down with you to get an idea of your business, its needs and the requirements for your site.  Here we as questions and sort out your needs into "what you must have", "what you would like to have" and a "wish list" of sorts.  Doing this articulates the expectations and requirements of the project - essentially giving us direction.

With this phase we create a template using all the data we have collected from the first stage.  Here we implement a prototype of your site and further refine the project with specific regards to it's graphic nature and usability.  In this phase we regularly communicate with you to ensure that all of your requirements are dealt with and that the site will perform as you require.

Construction of the site occurs next, once the design has been agreed to.  Using the template we assemble all the site's parts and input the content you provide.  Minor tweaking of the design may occur during this stage; however most if, not all of the functionality, should be agreed upon before this construction phase.  Towards the completion of this stage your site is thoroughly tested by both parties.

Once the site has been constructed and signed off on we deploy your site into a live web enviroment.  We do a last set of testing to confirm the project's installation so that you are ready to have your site effectivly navigated.